january 30, 2018 Due to fact that amended Provisions re conducting depository activities (approved by NCSSM decision #692 dated 14.09.2017) came into force, depository facility LLC "PKTB - Tsinny papery" has approved updated edition of internal rules re conducting depository activities for LLC "PKTB - Tsinny papery". Amended provisions include new algorithm for conducting operations re obligatory sale of ordinary stock by shareholders upon request of entity (entities, acting jointly), who/which owns dominating majority control stock. You can find updated edition of internal rules re conducting depository activities by the route "Depository activities" -> "Internal rules", or by this link.
june 30, 2017 Due to the global virus attack that hit the computer systems of many companies in Ukraine and around the world, we inform our clients that due to the timely implementation of the protocols for the protection of information, our employees managed to avoid the negative effects of malicious software. At present, all systems, including the securities depository system, operate in scheduled mode. However, due to global problems in the Banking System of Ukraine, there are currently lags in the transfer and transfer of funds to bank accounts. Information about the restoration of cash settlements will be published on our website in addition.
june 15, 2017 We inform that on April 18, 2017, the Decision of the NCSSMF No. 148 dated March 7, 2017 came into force, which established the procedure for sending the communications to shareholders by the joint-stock company through the depository system of Ukraine. In this regard, we inform that on January 15, 2017, the Internal Regulation on depositary activity of the depositary institution of "PKTB - SECURITIES" Ltd. was approved. Amendments concern the order of sending information to depositors received from Joint Stock Companies. We also inform that on June 15, 2017, changes were made to the rates for the provision of depositary services, and we ask that, in order to bring depositary agreements in accordance with the current legislation, contact our experts.
All messages that will be received by us for distribution to shareholders will be posted in the section "Custody services" -> "Information on issuer".
You can familiarize yourself with the text of the Internal Regulation on the depositary activity of the depositary institution in the section "Custody services" -> "Internal documents"
You can find updated tariffs in the section "Custody services" -> "Rates"